Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Here Comes Big Business...Again

If you're wondering why Sen. Collins was one of just 16 senators to oppose both a Democratic plan to increase the minimum wage and the Republican substitute, we may have the answer:

There are benefits to having friends with money.

In fact, the corporate-friendly US Chamber of Commerce is one of the few groups the junior senator has sided with more often than she's thrown her lot in with President Bush.

(They pro-business group has pledged more than $20 million to a handful of races around the country.)

As we've mentioned previously, Susan Collins is a dream candidate for big business. So it's not surprising that corporate interests would invest so heavily in her reelection.

And yet, aside from the new AFL-CIO mailer, her economic record has received virtually no scrutiny as of late.

Here's a question: Why was there more and better reporting on Collins' record in 2007 than there's been in the heat of the election campaign?


Anonymous said...

I should come as no surprise that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce opposes any increase in the minimum wage, "because it destroys entry-level jobs, stunts new job growth, and harms small businesses."

From their site here.


Anonymous said...

How old do you folks think that picture of Susan Collins is in this ad? I'm guessing 12 years.

It occured to me today while fixing breakfast with the TV blaring in the background that I can't be the only one who finds a sharp contrast between Susan Collin's shrill, caustic and very annoying voice and the pleasant, friendly, and articulate voice of Tom Allen. Voters will notice.