Monday, September 8, 2008

Cornell du Houx's Mom: Collins AWOL

The mother of the Iraq war veteran featured in the recent ad writes a letter:

Alex Cornell du Houx...saw what can happen when troops are not equipped with the right armor, have contaminated drinking water and faulty electrical connections. A fellow Marine was electrocuted from faulty wires. Many more troops died from not having proper equipment, the equipment Susan Collins could have fought for, should have fought for--but didn't.

She had the power to hold congressional hearings, as head of the oversight committee, and refused for three years.


As his mother, I am extremely proud of his service and of all those who have served and are serving. While he was in Iraq and I learned about the faulty body armor, I can't describe the emotions I felt. Why was my county betraying our troops? Collins could have made a difference but didn't.

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