Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Two New Collins Ads

Just posted on the campaign website.

The education ad takes the unusual step (for Sen. Collins) of making actual substantive claims. But the energy ad? Not so much.

In that spot, the junior senator calls for a bipartisan energy bill. But guess what? Congress passed energy legislation in 2005 with support from Republicans and Democrats. It was called the Energy Policy Act of 2005 (aka the Cheney energy bill) and it gave huge tax breaks to oil companies.

Susan Collins voted for the law. Rep. Allen voted against it. (Sen. John McCain thinks it was a "pinata of pork" and the League of Conservation voters called it the "most anti-environment bill signed into law in recent memory.")

Will Collins ever explain her vote for the Cheney bill? Will she support more tax breaks for the oil companies as long as they have bipartisan support?

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Anonymous said...

When will Barack Obama and Dick Durbin explain their votes on that same bill?

Do you trust McCain's judgement on the bill more than Barack Obama's?