Thursday, July 17, 2008

Astroturf--With Video

As we've noted, Sheldon Adelson--the third richest man in America--thinks card check for labor unions is one of the top two threats to civilization.

So it's no wonder that out-of-state, anti-union front groups fueled by anonymous donations are spending money to defeat union-friendly candidates in Maine.

And with the fate of civilization riding on the rejection of card check legislation, it's not surprising that those groups would be willing to distort the issues involved.

But congratulations to Chellie Pingree, who handles a card check ambush deftly--in this case, from the misnamed Employee Freedom Action Committee:

More deception-riddled videos here.

Meanwhile, Sen. Collins pledged to shun support from outside attack groups back in May. And yet there's still no word from her about the push poll, the robocalls or the YouTube ambushes...

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