Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Help Us Surge

You may have noticed that we've accelerated the rate of posting here at Collins Watch over the last couple weeks.

Naturally, we're excited about the Maine senate race. And we've got big plans for the next few months, including a couple of new features. We're also gratified by the steady rise in readership and humbled by the kind things readers have said in e-mails and comments here and elsewhere.

But ramping up coverage comes at a cost. And that's where you come in: We're asking for your financial support.

Put it this way: If everyone who reads this blog at least once a week--even excluding campaign staffers and fellow bloggers--were to give an average of $15, that would pay for all the projects we've got planned between now and November.

To put it in perspective $15 comes to about a dollar a week up through Election Day.

If you can afford it, please consider clicking on the "donate" button at right. (Caveats and fine print here.)

Thanks for your support.

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