Monday, July 14, 2008

Calling it Both Ways

Ben Goodman of Kennebunk has a letter in today's PPH critiquing Sen. Collins. Is this the same Ben Goodman who's on the Maine State Democratic Committee? The same one PPH wrote about a few weeks ago?

Would it be so hard for Maine newspaper editors to fire up the Google every now and then, and to include affiliations of party leaders with their letters?

It's worth noting that this is the first under-identified letter from a member of the Democratic party apparatus I've spotted this entire cycle. And Goodman's comments are issues-driven in a way few of the Collins-friendly missives have been.

But come on, folks.

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Tobin said...

After reading this article, and Mr. Goodman's response on his blog, it seems you have a grudge against the Portland Press Harold. By asking if Mr. Goodman identified himself as a prominent member of the Maine Democratic Party to the paper, it looked as though you were trying to criticize the paper for I think is a trivial journalistic license. Is this the Collins Watch, or the Portland Press Harold Watch? Remember your audience.

Furthermore, Mr. Goodman, though certainly a prominent figure in the Maine Democratic party and an example for young people everywhere, is an eighteen year old who has yet to hold long-term office either public or within the party. "Party Leader" indeed.

Maybe it is you who needs to spend more time researching identities, not the PPH