Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Tax Dollars at Work?

It's late and we'll be traveling tomorrow, so it'll be a while before we have a chance to get more details. But--trust us--check this out:

Then read about the people behind it here and here.

A few questions that come to mind:

--These guys seem like a lot of fun (and straight out of a Wes Anderson movie). But do they have any track record building battlefield equipment?

--On what basis does the $3 million grant to the Howe brothers make sense as a taxpayer investment?

--What account did the Collins-funneled $3 million grant come out of?

--If the "Rip Saw" (elsewhere spelled "ripsaw") is a really a battlefield prototype--let alone a candidate for use by special operations--does it make sense to publicize it on television and publish detailed photos of it on the web?

--Does Sen. Collins' embrace of the Rip Saw say anything about her commitment to rooting out waste, fraud and abuse in military contracting?


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