Friday, July 18, 2008

New Poll: 7 Points

If Rasmussen was spooked into changing its formulas by the lopsided Pan Atlantic poll, there's no sign of it in their latest results:

Tom Allen (D): 42 (42) (42) (38)

Susan Collins (R-inc): 49 (49) (52) (54)

We're talking zero movement from last month's numbers.

UPDATE: At and elsewhere, some commentators are characterizing the result as a ten point advantage for Collins--because Rasmussen lists a breakdown including leaners (53-43) with the poll.

But since Rasmussen has never included leaners before--and I'm still not sure why they did this time--I think it makes more sense to stick with the raw numbers. Which puts things at 49-42.

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Hokie Guru said...

Schumer needs to put some money in Maine now!! I love your work, Collins Watch!! I live in Virginia and I realy don't think we need the DSCC money here... this race is in the bag.