Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Collins on the Air Tonight

From her campaign site:

The Collins for Senator campaign will begin running television ads on the evening Wednesday July 23.
Here's one of the two ads:

UPDATE: A couple of points.

First, this is a big deal. Remember, a mere six weeks ago Sen. Collins was saying that campaigns are too long and that Mainers don't want to hear about politics until after Labor Day.

Clearly, that's out the window. Unprompted by Rep. Allen, Collins apparently now feels it's essential to start her general campaign immediately. Even at the cost of contradicting herself. And even though there are millions of dollars being spent by her allies to attack Allen.

So what's changed? Obviously, Collins' team would have preferred Allen to have finished more than seven points back in the last two independent polls.

But it's got to be more than that: They must be seeing something in the data or in the field that's making them awfully nervous.

Second, on the substance of the ad: This is Collins' standard, form-over-substance message. (Even if she does throw in a few perfunctory, misleading claims about her legislative accomplishments).

Will this approach work in 2008? Would Mainers rather have a senator who plays nice or one who'll help push through universal health care and end the war in Iraq?

It's still not clear. But it looks like that's the choice voters will be offered.

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