Monday, July 21, 2008

The Big Picture

If you're wondering where this race stands, consider: An anti-union front group has a nasty, misleading attack ad on the airwaves in support of Sen. Collins; another corporate-backed, astroturf organization is slamming Rep. Allen via robocall.

And the National Republican Senatorial Committee has launched a guilt-by-association Allen attack site.

The junior senator has yet to repudiate any of it.

Clearly, Collins and her big money friends are taking nothing for granted. This brings to mind two thoughts.

First, this is shaping up to be the kind of campaign that political junkies savor: There's a huge amount at stake, there are stark difference between the candidates on the issues and there's big money in the background, desperate to influence the outcome.

It's the kind of campaign that serious, motivated journalist live for.

Too bad there don't seem to be any media organizations in Maine hospitable to that kind of journalism.

Second, as great as it is to see rich Republicans exercising their right to weigh in on all their pet issues, the one-sided nature of the conversation is starting to get a bit disconcerting.

After all, the senate Democrats are flush with cash. So what rainy day are they saving it for?

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