Saturday, July 12, 2008

Sen. Collins' 4th of July

From the Collins camp:


KayInMaine said...

Bah hahahahahaha! What a hillbilly video that was. I'm not surprised the video ended with Fair Point Communications supporting her. FPC can't even get their 911 service to work for the people of Maine and Sen. Suzie-Q Collins wouldn't hold an investigative hearing of the Bush Regime for fear the truth would come out. What a pair! Not surprised incompetence is supporting incompetence.

So, Suzie-Q is going to use "USA" in the middle of her name to make herself out to a patriotic supporter of George Bush's failed policies? Well, that makes sense. Here she is touching a machine gun:

She seems a little scared. I think she thought it was part of the male genitalia or something! LOL! Wow. What a warmongering supporter she is!

And she's supposed to be a fierce fighter for the republicans? Bah hahahahahaha! Laughable.

KayInMaine said...