Tuesday, July 8, 2008

New Poll: 25 Points (?)

Via PPH, we get wind of a new poll from Portland-based Pan Atlantic SMS Group:

Rep. Tom Allen (D): 31

Sen. Susan Collins (R): 56

(Via e-mail, Patrick Murphy, president of Pan Atlantic confirms that the poll is "strictly independent.")

Hard to reconcile this result with Rasmussen's seven point spread. But most of the discrepancy seems traceable to Collins' substantial support from the left in the poll: 39% of Dems versus 24% according to Rasmussen.

If Collins is really favored by 39% of Democrats, as the poll suggests, Allen is obviously toast. But that number seems a bit far-fetched to me.


Anonymous said...

Murphy is a long-time Democratic operative. His wife is Victoria Murphy, former MDP chair and a donor to Allen, Obama, Michaud, and many other Democrats.

I'm afraid we're a lot closer to 'toast' on this than many of us would like.

Anonymous said...

If not yet toast, we're at least getting stale. Tom's campaign is yielding no real momentum. I was encouraged by the Ras Pol, but it seemed almost too good to be true given the inertia of his campaign.
Now it seems that's the case.

I'm beginning to believe those who've been saying he doesn't really want to win.